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WOD 01.18.13

OHS 5-5-5-5-5


I did 2 reps at 135. That’s body weight so I’ll take it.

The burn-out was a 7 minute AMRAP: 7 Atlas stones (115) and 7 pull ups

I did 4 rounds plus 3 stones.

Some dude did 9 rounds. He is also incredibly good looking. Life is unfair.

Such a cute guy, and look at those legs. So nice!

I Thought I Was Mad When I Saw How Many Abortion Clinics They Have. Then I Saw The Gun Dealers. (via Upworthy)

In Septemeber 2014, Missouri lawmakers decided women must wait 72 hours to “reflect on their decision” before they can get an abortion. ‘Cause, ya know, an abortion is one of those spur-of-the-moment decisions like ordering pay-per-view or having another glass of wine. And what about cases of rape, incest, or medical complications? Well, they have to wait 72 hours too.

On its own, this is pretty upsetting. But when you consider how easy it is to get one of those shiny metal things used to take people’s lives? That’s when the blinding rage sets in.

Yes… because this makes sense.

(Source: chescaleigh)

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